Confused Identity - Collabo by Ogechi Veronica & Stefn Sylvester

Your magical words
like the balm of Gilead heals the soul,
It gives motivation to the downcast.

So I heard.
Is that to be believed?
No dear.
I refuse to be deceived!

I refuse to be Delilah
Or that recoiled serpent
choosing its words to lead astray.

Sugar coated lips
Seductive eyes
Swaying hips
Twas how Samson lost his eyes

I am the bitter truth
Whose roots may be hidden
Taking decades to be found
The light in darkness

Faint light.
Candle light.
Truth can't be bitter
Just as good isn't bad.
Decades it takes the simple
To uproot your roots of evil.
The Wise, Oh Writer
At the snap of the finger
He knows the truth.
Deceive me not
A Pengician I'm not.

Can pregnancy be concealed?
Can the clouds conceal the rainbow?
Through thy pen
I behold a limelight

Of this I boast not
If in lime be light
Why tastes it bitter?
No rain, no rainbow
My pen is Juvenal
Bones like broken bow

Knitted lines
Who gave you the lies?
Truth! No rain, no rainbow
No sweat,no sweet
Hide not from thy identity
Sooner you will surface
The tall man hides not himself

You win!
You win!

#OgechiVeronica #StefnSylvester

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