Suicide? NO; Murder? YES! - By Odey Goodness Ogeyi

It all seems they took their own lives but indirectly those that prevented them from following their passion, choice and upholding honestly killed them indirectly. This piece of #poetry by Odey Goodness Ogeyi paints the awful picture of murdered dreams, aspirations, love and more.
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 Suicide? NO; Murder? YES!

The joy he finds in pages
Takes a journey beyond.
Love like no other,
Literature his passion;
Hell No!!!
Papa says he do Law
Frustrated he takes the gallows
Suicide you say?
Murder it is!

Theirs was made in heaven;
Love like no other,
Symbolizing oneness
Even in the face of tribalism.
Not in this lifetime!!!
Mama insists their tribesman-
Their romance in space beyond they rather choose
Suicide you guess?
Murder l say!

He toils in honesty
Integrity a greater value to him
Believing its fruit is God's blessing
Someday his hustle will pay
If l hear!!!
A different song society sings
Devastated he chose the ropes
Suicide? NO
Murder? YES

Oh Father, Law, you murder!
Oh Mother, Tribesman, you murder!
Oh Society corruption you murder!
Though suicide it seem
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