In other recent times, the wave for freedom especially in the eastern part of Nigeria has been sweeping across the political landscape of the country. The agitation for freedom is not a new Event in the political History of the world and indeed in Nigeria. Beyond the fact that the United Nations charter gives legal effect to self determination of people across nations, one must nevertheless appreciate the fact that the international court of Justice advisory judgement in 2010 which justified the unilateral secession of Kosovo from Serbia, reinforces the potency of people's drive for Freedom, thus one must also be reminded that even the birth of the African newest nation (South Sudan) wouldn't have been one without their collective drive for Freedom. In all these, however the national character of the concerned nations went a long way in making their Freedom potent.

However, between 1967-1970 the Defunct Eastern Nigeria made an Unsuccessful bid to break away from Nigeria in what was the Declaration of Republic of Biafra. After the 1970 unconditional surrender made by the Biafrans to the Republic of Nigeria, many had thought that in "1970 Biafra died". Surprisingly events has proven this hypothesis wrong. thus Umazuruike Raph in the Birth of 21 century waked up from the slumber to pursue the Biafran project of "MASSOB" gradually the federal Government suppressed that agitation. so that the freedom objective became withheld.

 In the recent times , Nnmadi Kanu crept out from his hideout only to shake the Foundation of Nigeria with his new Project "IPOB"
 When time like this comes, get Different write-ups from many Authors but the truth of the Matter is "WILL THIS BIAFRA COME"
 I read posts, listen to many people agitating for freedom of Biafra But they Themselves are not Ready for it.

If this Biafra Comes there will be problem is this part of the world. Why did I say so? Let's see Nigeria Ethnic groups and what they are after.

 An Hausa man will tell you "Leadership and Power runs in our Blood" they love power.
 A Yoruba man will give instance that his children study and become the best Graduate.
An Igbo Man will tell his son " my son if jamb fails to Give you Admission this year, forget about Education and come over to the shop.
An interior Igbo man has business as his number one priority. Little wonder all this betting firm Naira Bet, lotto Etc, are found mostly in Igbo land and they call it Ego Nmbute (Quick Money).
Now what do you think will happen if Biafra comes?
We can't talk about Biafra if we are not united, if we don't love each other.
Have we Ever sit down and study the lives of Hausa men? They are United, they have one mind.
Am not Kicking against the motion of we getting freedom, but the Question is, Can this Biafra last if it comes?
Can we handle power? take a look at our people who are in power, What achievements have they made? we keep Getting reports that some of them embezzled money in power, is that the way they will lead us if we get this freedom?

In my own View I will say, let's come together and make this Country a better Country, Transformation and Change don't come at the same time, it takes processes.

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