Turn off the generator powering this generation that generates evil
Gyration Vipers!
Sleekly snakes seeking sinister ways to blossom
Clutching hot coals in their bosoms till they burn even their buttocks
Demolishing faithful ways with faeces splattered on their face

Calvary has gone on a trip
Religion has pitched its tent on church hill
The holy book is only a marking scheme Zion seems to be in a pit

Lay their heads on the gallows
David Livingstone came with his own stones
Their faces splattered with juicy decayed mangoes
The road not taken is where the condemned man goes

Who will bail the cat?
Who will add perfume to our fart?
Who will ensure our head is intact?
When madness abounds and glory departs?

He came and will come
This time not as a ransom
Enlist in the army and be Christ's first born
Your reward will be truly handsome

Never take salvation to be an anomaly
Even when the words come casually
Be as simple as Macmillan’s Simbi and Ali
Do accept it entirely.

 #ANDREW IFEATU JENNIFER is a graduate of Federal University of Technology, Owerri in Nigeria. She blogs at Fadoflow Media and hopes to use literature to entertain and educate the public. She believes life does not exist without literature.
Meet her on Twitter: @jennieifeatu

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