Don't let your Background bring you down.
Don't let your background change your mindset or change your direction in life.
Take a look at our Lord Jesus, when he was born into This world, he was born in a manger. That didn't change his mind. He was said to be the saviour of the world but was born in a poor family(Carpenter's house). Why not in a wealthy family or in the family of the king?
However, from a background as wretch as Joseph's, he never forgot the purpose for which he came to this earth.

Who told you that you can't make it as a son or daughter of a truck pusher or keke Driver?
Don't let what popular opinions change the you in you.
Don't let your environment dictate your destiny.

Who told you only the rich that makes the greatest impact? Was Jesus born of rich earthly parents?
Don't blame God if you found yourself in a poor background, there is a reason for that.

If our lord Jesus made a great impact then you too can.
Don't ever look down on yourself. You Can Make It!
Always make a positive confession. Speak good about yourself. Talk yourself to greatness.

Don't celebrate this Christmas because you saw your friends doing so. Celebrate  it because a Saviour was born.

Happy Christmas.

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