Camera shy guy
Walking through cyberspace to walk down the aisle
Matrimonially locking maidens behind the blinds
Who desire cows with golden hides

Abiding in a skyscraper in Cameroon
While he lives in a dusty cocoon
Making penny-loving sister's mouth water
Though he came from the gutter

Click! Click! And a flash
There's a photo splash
Falsified position and class
Makes the head-spinning lass

Tony travels to Toronto
Lies naked on our billboard
He has been generous with gains from baba Ijebu's lotto
Singing a tune and playing a different one on the keyboard

Young beautiful lasses do not face book so as to Facebook
Camera shy guy nips them from the hook
The search for wealth that comes with a thud
Drove away with the imagery ford.

#ANDREW IFEATU JENNIFER is a graduate of Federal University of Technology, Owerri in Nigeria.
She blogs at Fadoflow Media and hopes to use literature to entertain and educate the public. She believes life does not exist without literature.
Meet her on Twitter: @jennieifeatu

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