PICTURE FRAME - Stefn Sylvester

Stopping by the bookshelf
A frame caught my eyes.
Forgoing the book I came to get,
Placed frame on my palms.
The dancing eyes and kinky smiles.
The orgasmic trip to Mars,
Came like a flash.
I think I'm on a journey
'Cos her picture gat me TRIPing.
I wonder why I'm staggering
Emotions on a race
Hormones on rampage:
Drunk in love.
I thought I'd it met It's end,
I thought this love have change,
But I'm still on my wits end;
Feelings never fade.

 Yet I'm neither for nor against
I'm a fence-sitter.
I profess what I wish I meant
Displaying my dilenma.
I'll let this frame sit still
While I grab a read.
Or rather burn it
It either dies or lives.
I'll flame this frame,
And live on in regret.

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