This Is My Confidence - By Stefn Sylvester

Without you
I'm like an empty sack
Set to stand on its own;
I'll fall like a pack of cards
For I have no strength of my own.

Without you
I'm a dog with just a tooth;
Enemies will approach
And scare me.
Run I will
Tail in legs
Barking from a safe distance.
Too weak to bite.

But with you
My strength is aroused;
I stand erect.
With you
I raise my head
Hign above intimidation
Tearing down limitations
Like paper.

 With you
I race to finish.
Agility unfinished.
More agility on finish.
I dare, I win.
They set traps,
I walk past spoting a wide grin.

 With you
I am single,
Yet majority.

 With you
I'll deny the sun
Its pride in brightness;
For in me lives the Son
Of righteousness.
This is my confidence.
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