Unshaken - by Stefn Sylvester

So many dreams
So many visionary immaculate
Talents ashore
So real
Tenacious and articulate
But are left to die
The slow death
Of negligence.

Goals so fantastic
Mind blowing dreams
That would've changed the world.
Goals so fanatic
That can turn dummies into world
But left to rust in the dirt
Of negligence.

Talents in plenty
talents spilling like milk on dirt
Wasting away in the streets of neglect
Brushed aside by greedy ambitions
Trampled upon
humbled sore
Left sour.

But this dream of mine
Inbuilt in me -
I do pledge
Like a lily in the mire
must outshine this insane rage
Of the elite against wannabe(s).

  I'll build round it an edge
A fortress of intellectual safety
That my dreams may bloom for ages
That I may soar like an eagle
Soaring the sensitive skies of stars;
Stars like mine shall shine
Unhidden, (re)illuminated

All royalty might see it and shiver
Foes shall feel my impact and shudder
  Evil will be overtaken
By its own ill wish.
I shall sit, smile and remain unshaken.

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