Join the #EngageNigerianYouth Conference on Twitter

The transformation that we seek cannot come by mouthing every problem of the government on social media. We have energy and we have the brains!

This is a call on every Nigerian youth to take their place in the transformational agenda. Governance is different from government. We can rule by becoming leaders by ourselves.
When you refuse to thrown the can out of the window, you're your own leader.
When you refuse to add zeros to the voucher, you're a true leader. 
When you engage your own children with the view to helping them become knowledgeable about their abilities and using them proactively, you're raising leaders.

What you're doing is governance and you don't need to be before a mace to do that.
We can have a better Nigeria, not just by vilification, but my meaningful engagement at our different levels.
The Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) Nigerian Youth delegates in collaboration with International youth bodies, CSO and ministries is holding a Twitter chat today between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM.
We shall engage in a Twitter to discuss the need for active youth engagement and redirection in Nigeria.
This is a call on every Nigerian youth to take their place in the transformational agenda of this government by leading an unprecedented engagement in order to ensure, the story of positive social change through an all-participatory discourse for Nigerian youth.
This exploration of young people’s place in society is the catalyst for an agenda for change.
To Join The Conversation
1. Green your profile picture to show your support using this link
2. Follow on twitter @EngageYouthNg
3. Post or tweet the following :- Young people must come together and reposition Nigeria.
Our differences should never supersede the need for unity among the youth.

Nigerian Youth need Reorientation, Job Opportunities & Leadership Development.

Nigerian youth are the future of change, of progress, of transformation and of unity.

Youth must believe in Nigeria, stand for Nigeria and build Nigeria!

Youth have an important role to play in the development of their communities and nations.

Young people’s energy and commitment to making the world a better place is what’s needed to achieve the sustainable development goals.
It’s critical that young people are engaged as the change-makers they are and as future leaders of this world.
Without youth, we cannot guarantee that the advances made in governance will lead to a lasting change.
For youth, our most valuable resource is our future.
Don't be left behind. Join this conversation to re-engage the youth in order to create opportunity through reorientation, job creation and leadership.
Always remember to use the hashtag #EngageNigerianYouth

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