My Fair Utopia

I'll not play Tug O'war,
I'd rather play Hug O'war;
I desire a world where everyone hugs
Instead of pulls and tugs.
Let love lead the law
In my dream utopia:

Where everyone smiles and giggles
Rolling on the rug like kids.
Where blacks, coloured and whites kisses.
Where mutual respect bubbles.

Where everyone grins from cheek to cheek
And cuddles.
Where I loose, you win
And together share our joys and troubles.

Where you and I
Savour the heat of the passion,
When we roughen the sheets,
Proving love ain't shit.
making love to the nation.

Where fights are pillow fights;
None hurt, all are cheerleaders.
Where racism is for car race
Where wars and war of words
are reduced to pillow fights.

My fair Utopia
Where fame and power
Floats on the floor
For the influential and poor.

This be my fair Utopia;
A world with less stress and tears.
My fantasy paradise
Where love alone is in the air.
My dream Niger-area
Where North and South embrace.
Where West and East embrace.


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