The fear of umaru is the beginning of wisdom
That is the trend in my own kingdom
He has abandoned the sale of tom-tom
All he has for sale is a time bomb

A flowing gown is to a body
Now it is to a ticket to eternity
Which sends you on a flight without bidding
goodbye to Aunty
Everybody pregnant with fear and uncertainty

Ka boom! Goes one and later all
We had a meeting in the town hall
You could not present a reason for your
embittered gall
All you said was “give me ridiculous”
Ridiculous can not be measured with calculus
Yet infidels is what you call us
But you have dispatched our souls in a way so

Both your brethren and those of Paul of Tarsus
They spared the rod and spoilt the child
The untamed child has become wild
A severe wound was once mild
They never knew you would visit their side

Umaru! Thou shall not use bloodshed as your
Lest the eyes of the creator turn red
Allow this diffuse into your head
Let peace and tranquility lay on your bed.

ANDREW IFEATU JENNIFER is a graduate of Federal University of Technology, Owerri in Nigeria. She blogs at Fadoflow Media and hopes to use literature to entertain and educate the public. She believes life does not exist without literature.
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