Yesterday came today
With a payroll for her payday
My heart rang out "May day! May day!"
Who can save the day?
Hurry! Be on your way

Tick tock! Tick Tock!
The clock continues to talk
My foul egg-rotten mistakes in a bulk
Hawking hatched nemesis with blazing-eyes like a hawk

She persuaded the gullible me
All I wanted was to feel it
I smoked it and puffed out its circles
While her debris in my bowels resurrected ripples

Ripples upon my nipples like cancer
That left me with a clued-answer
That only the golden hair could decipher
I got burnt by fire

Heads bowed and hands chained
She haunts me everyday
Can I continue to be her prey?
Only if there are no sun rays

But the sun has tuck the moon in bed
The harmattan swept away the rain
Cracked-whipped skins have become new
July just brought November to you

She lies in a new change of diapers
The gloomy silhouette eloped via the bypass
The clock's speech drowned the fracas
Time has changed yesterday's diapers

ANDREW IFEATU JENNIFER is a graduate of Federal University of Technology, Owerri in Nigeria. She blogs at Fadoflow Media and hopes to use literature to entertain and educate the public. She believes life does not exist without literature.
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