WHEN I DIE - Osarenren Godson

When I die
After writing my last lines
Poetry should be read for me
Till I sneeze

Oh earth
Thou art blessed me
With variety of foods
That helped me grow

In you, I am a seed planted
Ready for decay
To help the flowers over me grow

When the rains fall
When the sun shines
I remain a friend
Your very friend till the end

Cry not for me
Smile for me
Read me a poem
Because to poetry I belong

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Godson Osarenren was born on November 11, 1983 in Benin City, South Western Nigeria. He is a French graduate of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma (2007), a participant and representative of the Nigerian French Village, Badagry at Leopold Sedar Senghor centenary celebration, Lome, Togo, (2006) and a Spoken Word Poet, Seaview Poetry Club, Rhythm 93.7 Fm, Port Harcourt. Godson, author of "The Broken Cross" a literary masterpiece that exhumed the ghost of a forgotten nightmare; is a courageous voice for human rights and social justice. His philosophy is centered on personality development..." That though the sky is far no one has ever borrowed the wings of a bird".

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