WHEN I WAS A BOY - Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

n I was a boy,
heaven was here,
lies were rare,
clothes were no wear.
Hearts were laid bare
like nipples pointing to the air.

When I was a boy,
rain storms were dews,
skies were, well... still blue,
History was true,
and when testicles were due,
all virgins knew.

When I was a boy,
Fathers were men.
Mothers weren't girls
with multi-coloured lips and silicon breasts.
When I was a boy,
I had only two legs.

When I was a boy,
music was the soul's food,
on morals did nations build,
goods were good.
When I was a boy,
I had the fear of God.

Now that I am a man,
I don't know what went wrong.
My ladder ran out of rungs,
I lost touch with my boy,
I now look down on God...
Am I damned?

I am a man
free to dance with devils or hymn with angels.
Once was I Jove's robot...
But now I do have a choice:
Run to God like a good boy
or bounce into hell like mad man.
When I was a boy...
I wished I were a man


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