My Child Is No Longer - by Norbert Gora

She feels the breath of despair
on neck, grain created with her genes
gone into oblivion.

The blessed state –
a few moments of happiness
over the abyss full of sorrow,
cruel fate drained her of bliss.

The fate born with the pain
didn’t allow her to get to know
the joys of motherhood,
experience the section of feelings.

Plans ripped out of her mind
like the pages of a novel,
the future made them invisible.

The embrace of pain,
the rain of longing dripping from the eyes,
drops that cut deeper than knives.

The coat of loss flutters over her life,
the storm of questions torn by emotions,
will these drops wash away the suffering?

There are no answers.
Only the loneliness
stabbing like a spear.


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