Drips and Drops - Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

As the vehicle of adventure drives me farther away
from your kisses and hugs,
the rift between us
grows wider.
Hearts apart,
like pockets of stars
litter the dark sky of loneliness.

I yearn for the day
your moans
shall, like the sun rays
lit on my lones.
As your grief laden voice,
reverberates like guitar chords
stricken by Cupid's fingers
stream into my eardrums,

I wish to kiss away the pain
that threatens to tear apart
the chords that bind us.
Like free hand motion paints
drips and drops,
so do my heart sails
down from up.

Drips from the hour glass of wishes.
Drops of tears from our eyes..
so shall passion conquer distance.
So shall passion fill up,
hour by hour,
the Sahara of loneliness
with a million oasis of bliss.

I'll be back, my love.
Not with empty tins
but with chests of jewels for my queen...
Pray my adventure
be adorned in garments of success.‪


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