The pathetic story of how 14-year-old Ese Oruru, who was in August 2015, allegedly abducted in Opolo, Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, by one Yunusa, who hails from Kano, has continued to elicit outrage on social media among Nigerians.

Vanguard gathered that Ese, who was 13 as at the time of her alleged abduction, was taken to Kano, by Yunusa, where he converted her to Islam and married her.

Ese’s parents had since last August made trips to Kano, where they unraveled the plights of their daughter.
The parents said they have involved the police, but efforts to get the Emir of Kano, Mallam Lamido Sanusi, at whose palace the girl is believed to be held to resolve the matter and ensure the return of the 14-year-old to them have proved futile.

While her mother was told that Ese had converted to Islam and, therefore, was no longer her daughter, her father was told that his daughter was an 18-year-old adult and not 14, hence she was capable of making decisions for herself.

However, Nigerians, yesterday, took to the social media to launch a campaign #FreeEse, calling for the immediate release of the Urhobo-born teenager, whose mother, Mrs. Rose Oruru, is a food vendor in Opolo, Bayelsa State.

 Nigerian writers are not left out in the outrage.... in this poem titled Baba Oyirimusa, Nigerian female Writer/Poet Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer joins the outrage with poetry. 
The lines and stanzas of her muse's inking says it all. 

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 Baba Oyirimusa
Why have you decided to use her?
The path juvenile and green
Does it add light to those frail eyes, so dim?
Owning a ranch filled with cattle and longing for an ewe
Voluptuous hips awaits you on the queue
Yet you drink from a tiny pelvic cup
Upon the nursery bed, you chose to hop

Spying from the bulrushes around the creeks
Invading her territory like the Trojan of the Greeks
The child is not a bride
Thou hatcher that hatches the hen's premature eggs

You defecate on the altar
A gradual metamorphosis you alter
You urge us not to speak
But your life-shattering has climbed its peak

Stricken with pedophilia fever
Abducting chicks into your quiver
Free Ese remains our essay
Till from your loins, you detach Ese

ANDREW IFEATU JENNIFER is a graduate of Federal University of Technology, Owerri in Nigeria. She blogs at Fadoflow Media and hopes to use literature to entertain and educate the public. She believes life does not exist without literature.
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