#Featured #Short Story: Church Box - By Joshua Levites

The Church offering box was stolen from the thief...

There were plenty of sad faces feigning happiness, dancing like they were forced to as they approach the church box to drop anything called Naira they had on them.

"If you remain any money in your pocket you are cursed! And you will rot in hell. Drop all you have as an offering to the Lord" the preacher had exclaimed after blessing their wallets. The members were forced to drop all they had with them, as it is written "The Fear of the preacher's curse is the beginning of day-light robbery".

Ochuko's stomach rumbles and he would steal again as he cajoled Ozioma to join him. "Guy, see this church window dey open, make we branch check if anything dey useful" Ochuko said as he jumped through the opened window, followed by Ozioma.

"Chisos! See sontin!" Ozioma exclaimed pointing to a box full of money. "O boy eh! We don hammer!" Ochuko said as he hurried towards the box and emptied it, leaving only a one thousand naira note lying naked on the church floor.

"This church members never cease to surprise me. Someone dropped an extra one thousand naira note on the floor sha" the preacher said amidst wicked laughter, dancing with his hips swaying in oscillatory motion. He moved forward and opened the box, and behold it was empty. He cleaned his face with his palm in disbelief as he breaths heavily, about to cry. "I don die! Eeehh!" As he exclaimed on, a church rat picked the one thousand naira note on the floor and disappeared.

He looked to the ground to console himself with the naira note he earlier saw on the ground, mumbling these words "at all at all na im be winsh", but his eyes met the absence of the naira note.

His maxillas parted in disagreement. With his vision blurred, legs trembling,  heartbeats deprived of harmony. He collapsed.

The Church offering box was stolen from the thief...

Copyright @ Joshua Levites


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