#Fiction: Babies by Kolawole Oluwanifemi

I watched on, my face still bearing that irritated look. I saw Tonto Dikeh rushed into the bathroom,  one hand over her mouth, the other on her stomach. She threw up. Patience Ozokwor followed her, ranting "You will tell me who impregnated you this minute!".
I snatched the remote control off the arm of the chair and changed the channel.
"These Nollywood people sef. Nothing new. Must she barf to show she's pregnant?", I sighed in resignation. 

I dragged myself off the sofa as I made for the kitchen. Home had been boring alone. I never wanted a maternity leave. It's my eight month and I haven't felt anything as mild as the normal morning sickness. All I saw was the bump, every other thing was normal. Even after the scan showed I was carrying twins, I felt nothing but the excessive craving for peanut butter.
I opened the freezer and scanned through in a second.
"Darn! Can you see why I insisted on getting the groceries myself!", I snapped.
I picked a bottle of water instead and closed it.

"Yeeeeee!!!", a sharp pain shot through my ribs. It wasn't contraction pains, it was more. I felt another one, it drained strength off my legs. I landed on my back, my head making an impact with the tiled floor. I wanted to black out, but I couldn't. 
Every other part felt numb except my mid region, magnifying the pain. My chest felt hot when I tried to scream.
The visible undulating movements in my stomach increased. I felt little fingers work through my inside trying to get to the surface. Air rushed out of my lungs as I saw the first head popped out, then the second. The little beings crawled out and stitched me up. There was no blood.
The babies were sucking when Funke entered, she looked at the babies, stupefied. Then her gaze shifted to my face. It bore the same look when we discovered we'd switched bodies. 

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