#Poetry: BLACK FURY - by Oluchi Anyatonwu

It was smoky hot,
or rather blazing bright.
Its extremity burn-tanning the bleached dermis,
Through its heavenly lane,
It illuminated our terrestrial plane.
Then it came,
With its sword drawn,ready to strike,
Its fury about to unfold,no retreat.
Steps hurried,the mad rush began.
Cries of mama! hushed by its thunderous arrival. 
Helter-skelter ran one and all.
Everyone seeking to escape the dark fury.
Our once bright "terrestrial above",
now engulfed in dark furious furs,
roars in pain,
sending out a warning light to the terrestrial beings.
In defeat, it pours down the tears of black fury,
Its pain, our terrestrial plane's gain.
Here comes rain!!!

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