#Poetry: YOUR BODY AND MY HANDS - By Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Your body
keeps secrets
and my fingers
can unravel them…

Let my fingers map
out your pleasure paths
and undam the many rivers
veining your undulating frame

Let them knead
your nippled dough
till they succumb to my heat
and sweat out droplets of milk

Let the cleft-in-the-mound
feel the kiss of gentle fingers
ploughing in time with the tempo
of your heartbeat and gyrating waist

Let my fingers in-plore
deep inside moist inside
to ignite your forgotten fuse
that you may in-plode into bliss

…these fingers know secrets
your body hides inside of inside
but someone else knows even more
the nodding midget between two giants.

Writer BIO
Kukogho Iruesiri Samson is a Nigerian poet, blogger and multimedia journalist. Kukogho started writing poetry in 2001, and in September 2003, some of his poems were published in the New Nigerian Newspapers. His poems have been published in several platforms like NaijaStories, Pilot Newspaper, Entourage Magazine, ViaGrapevine (eBook), Sentinel Magazine and others.
Kukogho derives his inspiration from the things around him; pictures, songs, people, stories, personal experiences and situations.  He published his first book What Can Words Do?, a collection of poems in 2013. He is the CEO Words Rhymes and Rhythm 

Culled from http://brainypoet.blogspot.com.ng


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