Si Ya Lota - Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

Heavy hands,
Crying heart,
But you care not.
I try to reach-out to you,
But here, you are not.
Loosing grip,
Loosing sleep,
Please ladies
If you see my X chromosome,
Si ya lota.

Secretly I call,
You flaunt deaf ears
You really don't care,
do you?
Sensualy I drum
I play you my heart's harp
And run trembling fingers
On many guitars,
But to my lone tone,
To my solo muse,
You wouldn't dance.
If you see my X chromosome
Swinging hips to my flute,
Si ya lota.

Its in my plea.
It clothes my blinks
with teary juices,
The longing of my heart.
Spare Stefn the Sensual Stumbling
In between love ryhmes.
This is my mission:
Lend me your passion,
Come wean my vision.
Have you seen my X chromosome?
Biko si ya lota.
{wipes tears, drops pen on jotter}



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