#Featured (#Poetry by Ifeanyi Michael) - I LOVE MY AFRICA.

Stranded and strayed, now, am betrayed. Where is the money? Can it afford me honey? If the bees are on the barn or it has to wait till they go to farm? …a mild me; this madness: sorry - sorrow - sadness - with even much envy and a burden of levy can’t pick with my peak - I am very weak, very sorrowful and sick, my blood too thick all I ever seek is tucked in my cheek. I'm weak. I can’t even speak.
Bruised and bounded, Woe and wounded. I plea of death to swallow… Swallow me. I don’t want to see thou morrow. Can't you help me cry my hurt; Carrying the world on my hat, It’s right time to purge All the pus of the surge now that I cant even eat the pay, I struggled-for all day. Flows and glow can you just roll? Distinct from yesterday, can it be excempted from today? The colour is black; Are you black or brunette? They say white is pure, black is evil, but why do I still wipe my butts with white tissue paper .. The evil they brought scattered all over our faces. their jackboots designed our faces leaving scars behind. Yes! we are shinning again; black and proud again... I LOVE MY AFRICA. WRITER BIO:
Michael Ifeanyi Akuchie is a poet and short story writer. He is a Nigerian by birth. He lives in Lagos. He dreams of becoming a household name in poetry.
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