#Call For Submission: 2016 Etisalat Prize for Literature

Etisalat has announced its call for entries to the 2016 edition of the Pan-African Prize, Etisalat Prize for Literature. The Etisalat Prize for Literature celebrates new writers of African citizenship whose first fiction book (over 30,000 words) was published in the last twenty four (24) months. For the purposes of this definition, first book means first printed production in book form of any type or genre.

Authors and their publishers can be based anywhere in the world. The winner of the Etisalat Prize for Literature receives £15,000, and a high end device. In line with our vision of promoting upcoming writers, Etisalat will sponsor a book tour to three African cities.

call for submission - etisala celebrating african literature by Prose & Poetry Hood

The winning writer will also embark on the Etisalat Fellowship at the University of East Anglia mentored by Professor Giles Foden (author of The Last King of Scotland) which will include significant opportunities to meet other writers, publishers and most importantly work on their second book. The Etisalat Prize for Literature is unique in that it also aims to promote the publishing industry at large and will therefore purchase 1000 copies of all shortlisted books which will be donated to various schools, book clubs and libraries across the African continent.


Any published fiction book of over 30,000 words.




The winner of the Etisalat Prize for Literature receives £15,000, and a high end device.


August 31, 2016


1.       The book should be first published between May 1, 2014 and May 1, 2016
2.      Contestant should be a first time writer
3.      Fill and download application from here.
4.      The application form should be submitted along with seven (7) copies of the published book to our contact address
5.      All books entered should have a registered ISBN number or equivalent.
6.      Entries by new writers must be published within the last 24 months before submission
7.      Entries for fiction books will be submitted by publishers who have published a minimum of six (6) authors.
8.     Publisher should have been a registered business (with certificate of incorporation as a publisher) for minimum of six years
9.      Each publisher will be allowed to enter a maximum of three (3) books – however books maybe called in by the judges.
10.  Each entry will be required to be accompanied by Seven (7) copies of the book being entered along with acceptance of publicity terms.
11.   The Etisalat Prize for Literature is not open to employees of any organisation under Emirates Telecommunications Corporation with branded trade name Etisalat.
12.  Enter the contest here

For Inquiries visit Etisalat website

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