#Call For Submission: The Poetic Bond VI - Ten Days To Go!

For the Poets in the Hood, another Poetry Call For Submission...

Now in its sixth great year, THE POETIC BOND, accepts poems of any theme, subject, form, and there is no restriction on length. The deadline for this year’s anthology is just 10 days away, and for the third year running the submission fee stays at £10/$15, for up to four poems.

The Poetic Bond is published in paperback, with mini biographies, and advertised widely on The Poetic Bond website, as well as being frequently mentioned in the "Poetry, Review and Discuss", this very Linkedin Group (now at 8,150 members!) 

For details and guidelines on how to submit your poem(s) go to The Poetic Bond website http://www.thepoeticbond.com .

TO SUBMIT NOW, GO TO http://www.thepoeticbond.com/2016submissiondetail.htm 


Do you have an article you’ve written or would like to write? 
 Something else you’d like to share with us on Prose & Poetry Hood? 
 Don’t hesitate to send submissions to poetryhoodcontact@gmail.com or. 
 Thank You!

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