#Interview: Exclusive Interview With Austin Malizu

He do tell myself stories and act up scenes in his head but just that he's not really taken out time to pen them. Austin is just a shy guy that loves to express himself via writing. He's a lazy reader that loves to be captured when he opens a book.

Enjoy this exclusive interview with Nigerian Writer Austin Malizu. Here he tells the tales of his writing adventure and how he's dealt with the fear of writing.

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Interviewer: How long have you been into this writing field?

Response: Started May 29th last year.

Interviewer: What led you into writing? A lot of people affirm this to their love for literature. Everyone may not have same propeller? I guess yours may be a different story.

Response: A friend of mine's story propped me to

Interviewer: Everything that has a beginning can be faced with a lot of hurdles. What was your reaction when you were propelled to write? Did you wonder what it was like to put a pen on paper? Were you frightened? Did you panic?

Response: Nope. I didn't. I've always have it in me. I do tell myself stories and act up scenes in my head but just that I've not really taken out time to pen them. It was then my friend that made me to write introduced me to reading novels. I do read them before but not for the development

Interviewer: What has writing been to you? An fun experience or fatal failure? Do you experience some problems writing?

Response: Fun experience. Sweetened one. Writer's block is the main problem. And sometimes being able to attack a particular theme in a duel is frustrating. You might not know what you opponent will spring up.

Interviewer: Do you have any fear that your works are below standards?

Response: Sometimes, if I'm writing and I'm not feeling it, I stop

Interviewer: Does other people's craft or work instill fear of yours being of low standards?

RECOMMENDED ARTICLE: Scriptophobia: The Fear Of Writing

Response: Kinda

Interviewer: Often times than not, our works are prone to or are subject to criticisms. whats your take on this? What’s your reaction to criticisms?

Response: Criticism makes us better in the craft. That's good ones

Interviewer: How do you handle destructive criticisms?

Response: Just read and pass

Interviewer: Do you take Criticisms too personal?

Response: nope

Interviewer: A lot of people are locked up in their shell. What then do you think is fear of writing? Explain in your own words.

Response: Fear of not having the right diction and fear of not giving the readers what they want or fear or your writing spring chaos

Interviewer: How can one deal with it?

Response: I take a chill bill until the muse or diction comes. And about chaos I care not so long I'm satisfied

Interviewer: What are the causes of fear of writing?

Response: Doubt

Interviewer: What about low self esteem and lack of confidence in one's craft?

Response: That's doubt. When you doubt, it brings those two

Interviewer: Are you published? Have your works been published?


Response: Yeah. Like five sites

Interviewer: How was it done?

Response: Some peeps shared some links to the sites.

Interviewer: What about publishing your stories as a novel for public or massive readership?

Response: Novel? I've not gotten there yet

Interviewer: Okay. Everything begins with a step. Please pardon my curiosity. Please I can know more about this writer, Austin Malizu?

Response: Austin is just a shy guy that loves to express himself via writing. He's a lazy reader that loves to be captured when he opens a book.

Interviewer: Where is Austin from?

Response: Nnewi South in Anambra state, Nigeria.

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