#Poetry: I SEE by Gayle Zoe

“Acceptance Of Reality Is Key To Ending The Suffering Of Emotional Pain”- Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.

“All of us experience pain. This pain might stem from losing a loved one, losing a job, ending a relationship, being in a car accident or undergoing any other kind of trauma or situation. Pain is inevitable. It is part of being human. Gayle Zoe writes on hope even in the midst of pain.

I see the past
Drugs, shots
Eyes bloodshot.

I see the present
Plans, aims and aspirations,
Goals and objectives.

Its dark,
I can't see anything;
Thoughts flooding my mind,
Dreams gone,
Hopes fizzle out.
Its an abyss,
A never ending cycle.


I can see!

I see the future
Well planned out,
Not by me,

By the Almighty.

Being built up,
Plastered, Furnished;
A befitting edifice

Eternity will beckon.
I'll see my Maker
And i'll understand why
Rain comes before sunshine,
Pain before pleasure,
Death before eternity


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