#Poetry: Living Legends By Mosobalaje M. Abimbola

My infant feet wandered into a circus
Circus of living legends of poetry
Poetry portal through Olaleye Doyin
Doyin whose words are locked in mysteries
Mysteries with humility flowing through a pen

Pen of a Word Lord like Ayoola Goodyness
From whose table my fingers can't pick
But I peck with mouth, the crumb of his words.
Oh, Mesioye Johnson! A man with plain words
Yet those words are stars upon a crown!

Oh when I grow, and my ink softens,
I want my pen silent and yet make loud noise
Like those of Savior Udor, a sage indeed!
I would like to skate on words
And move in rifts like Oki Julius,
For these are sages I respect.

Raj Babu, a muse whose muse muses me
And hand hands me a handful of hand-hold.
I respect also Wale Ayinla,
Whose pen found pleasure in images
For words birth from images
Would mirror through decades.

In this Circus, I see giant Africans
Akinwemimo Idris, whose muse lies in his own face
The black nation is proud of him and also
Zakariah Hakim who ploughs land with words
Words heap under his groin
And the respect you have for other sages I respect.

Seeing Okey Fortune play badminton
And Aremu Adams make bubbles out of nothingness
Then I wonder from what Jupiter these creatures have fallen
Amore David also has burrowed the soil
He is the 'Alagbede oro' whose iron grows leaves.
I respect you sages.

Poetess Mercy the chain writer,
Your inspirations are beyond earthy
For the like of Aremu Adams also have this source
One cannot but salivate at the delicacies of word
Served in trays of ink, received in bolus by our hearts.
Vanessa Vee, your scribblings are siblings
To that of angels, your Awero still
Awerolises through my spine.

Would I not rather speak of Stefn
Whose words would make me choke on greatness
Rather than nimble on mediocrity.
I doff my hat for Micheal Ace
An intellect whose aceworld rocks
And whose rare poetry hit the world with tenderness.

Marcella Leff the distich 'lordess'
Syllabic entities stick with you.
Rawfacts, a man of style and arts
Forever you live to rule.

It took a while to stream these words
But with humble sincerity of words
I appraise all these legends of words
And someday I hope that in words
I'd be able to thank your words
For the tutelages they offer.
Thank you sages.


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