#Poetry: Sexual Liberation by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu ©2016

I want to sleep in your arms
I want to slip inside of you -
in the wet tunnel
of your privacy.
To crawl in and scale
the walls of your privacy.

I want to take that name
your father attached to you, my dame
and give to you a title;
My Queen.
I, your King.
Together our kingdom to merge
Together we'll submerge
into the silk comfy
of our royal bed.
I'll sow a seed -
seed of royalty
and together we breed -
angles like kids.

My goddess
I, your god...
Let your body whole heartedly
in heat embrace with grace
the strength of my deity
into your secret temple.
I surrender at your feet;
from dusk to dwan.

If I be a designer
I'll dress and adorn you
with lillies and alluring flowers.

If I be a Priest
I'll slip your shoes off
for holy is the ground
on which my priestess have come
to worship body and soul.
Offering a sacrifise of kisses
on the altar of bliss.
Joined in holy communiun
of sexual grace and gratification.

With my imagination
I'll create worlds for you.
All my creations
shall be your servitors.
Stars and constellations
shall your beau adore.
Tongues and tribes
shall take pride in your black.
Whilst I fall into the dept of you,
with tongue
with phallus
with tender fingers.

Like tidal waves
we shall rise and fall
in the sea of love.
Sailing this boat of love
on the gales of fun
around the world...
Oral ecstasy
I beside you,
you next to me
like a Jewel meant only for me...

I'll timelessly tirelessly
adore your beauty
with utmost dedication...
This new religion
I found in you;
My nun,
rightously romantic;
call me your monk,
I'll atone for your sins
with rivers of kisses.

Sexual Liberation by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu ©2016
Sexual Liberation by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu ©2016

I'm the last of the first for you
Body, Heart, and Soul.
Can be strong and macho
but weak when I'm in you.
I come to you,
for you,
in you,
the juices of love...
Like water falls,
running through you.

Can I touch you here and there?
Can I feel your hidden places?
Can I take you up there
where climax meets orgasms?
No... no my love,
not with parting ways
but with the parting of legs
but with the parting of the Red seas
from which shall flow the crimson token
of taken virginity.

my lady,
to our transfiguration.
Here on the mount
of modus pubis,
you let me mount
and enter therein...
May this fusion
of X and Y
translate us to the sky
beyond legendary cloud nine.
May this night
seal with the moonlight
this connection
inside of you.

Have no fear,
I'll be here...
Open now your gates
make me you guest.
of the fruit of my flesh
and the juice of my first,
Fire and desire
Fire your desire.
This flavour
is solely yours.
Give up your all
and I'll through in my all
into a sexual liberation.
You and I - one nation
in love.
Liberated from lones
and single moans...

Sexual Liberation by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu ©2016
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