#Poetry: Soliloquy - By Mosobalaje M. Abimbola

Falling Stars,
I stood aloof on the island aloof
for the greatness of the night.
I want to devour alone, as it was
a beautiful sight to graze on
a scene from the milky galaxy way
way, so miles away but seem near
I was conversing with bodies celestial...

but all of a sudden;
the dark darkened more darkly
obscurity became more real
the curves that defined my smile faded out...

I saw the droplets from afar,
with a squeezed face I quizzed
what mystery was mysterious tonight?
'till all around me into the blue they dropped,
I saw stars falling...

I stretched my hands at them to help
to prevent from hitting the fluid blue
right in my palms the lights died
then my arms locked upon my breasts...

mama's words I remember
that when stars fall off the sky,
it means great men sleep never to wake
how many men would the earth swallow
on the morrow after this morrow?

my face welled in tears,
I wished mama's wrong for the first time
for I was thinking
how many stars would the cloud miss?
but still I couldn't fight the tears...

salty fluid rolled 'n wet my cheeks to chin even
now I wake from the dream, I still can't fight
the flows from within as to myself;
I speak to I still with hope aloft
that the sky would still be
decorated with these


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