It Saved My Butt - #BookReview by Oluchi Anyatonwu

"Dammit" she yelled as she hit the shelf hard. All eyes were on her.She was disturbing the serenity that engulfed d building.

"Erm,excuse me ma'am.No noise please".The handsome attendant said.

She looked up at him,hissed,returned her gaze to the shelf and resumed her frantic search once more. For the past two weeks she have been rummaging through books on library shelf looking for a book on self publishing. She was fed up visiting those good-for-nothing publishers. She wanted to do it on her own but she had no clue on where to start.

"Hi beautiful"Someone said from behind.

She turned angrily to yell at d intruder but she got stuck to the ground as she saw him grinning from ear to ear, placing a book right in front of her. Self Publishing successfully was the title. She screamed, snatched it from him and zoomed to the closest seat. 

She found the solution to her problem.

At the launching ceremony of her book, she said, "Get dis book. It really saved my butt. It's titled Self Publishing Successfully by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu"



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