#Poetry: If I Had A Mum - by Mosobalaje M. Abimbola

If I had a mum
I had a mum
Had a mum
A mum

If I had a mum,
I would be the happiest kid with a smile
Which complements mum's smile
And my style would replicate mum's style
If I had a mum, she'd be proud on my horse back

I had a mum
Which dissolved before my brain could mature
She faded off before my non-seeing eyes
She gave her life to me that I may breathe her
I had a mum life never gave me the chance to know.

Had a mum
Whose pain now again I bear
As I see this kid wink and whispered
Go have a mum, so you can have a life
'Had a mum once, I gritted to myself.

A mum
Is why I see other kids bring out their packs at break
A mum is the one whose back is a horse
And arm a cradle to sooth
A mum is the only reason I weep now

You are thousands of miles away
Away with the angels; said dad
Dad boasts of you, even till he returned to crust mum
Mum you are away, away with dad, dad boasts, mum.

A mum
Had a mum
I had a mum
If I had a mum.

(Dedicated to motherless children)
Mosobalaje Abimbola


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