#Poetry: These Walls Have Ears - Stefn Sylvest Anyatonwu

If I cannot heal my deafness
from the lips of gossip,
then I'll remain speechless;
because these walls have ears.

If you strip my secrets bare
and feed strange eyes my breasts;
then I'll tie to a ponytail
your pubic hairs
and march you down the street, naked.

If my progress pierces your ego
whilst I walk on the sea;
I know you'll scream out "See...!
he cannot even swim!"
They'll laugh
and I'll laugh (a little)
and cry too.
But I'll let go.

If you carry about, my privacy, like a briefcase
making much ado over a trivial case;
then I'll hear the rumours
for these walls have ears.

If you smile at me
and my lips kiss...
If you cononise me
and my praises sing,
but behind me
run your tongue against me;
then I'll hear it all
for these walls have ears.

Are you not better dead,
you who sips champange
while a loyal friend
wriggles in pain for hunger pangs?
You don't deserve a head!
Your heart is dark -
Pitch dark!

If my pen's penning
stirs your wrath,
before you grit your teeth
and clench a fist;
think about this -
Do you feel better when you batter a sister?
His groans,
his silent moans,
are they music to your wicked soul?

If I, by the virtue of my ink
have your heart prick,
Please, I beg of you,
don't cause me another hurt;
Whatever you say, I'll hear,
whatever lies you about me tell
will filter into my deafness like a yell.
Remember...these walls have ears.


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