#Poetry: You Are My Favourite Song - By Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

Words don't come anymore
without a melody
I make to say a word
but end up singing.
I'm always thinking
in terms of Do Re Mi
with you, the definition of love is music
you are my favourite string

You help find my sound
when semitone reaches cresendo
You help me play the chord of resonant melody
just like bass line in half time.
The harmony of my acoustic;
The pulse of my vamping;
that's what you are to me.

I count on you like I do
in every beat with the metretone.
When I'm singing 'All of You',
I never want to change a singlge note
because I'm sunk in loving you.
I joy in knowing you.

While today
you add yet another year
on the stars of your crown,
fair lady, please wear a smile,
grab your guitar and play along
as I sing my favourite song;
You are my favourite song.



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