#Poetry: It Was Love! - by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

What made God cry out for an emancipator?
What disrobed the King of kings
of his divine linen
and clothed Him with hand woven cotton?

What made the son of God
a carpenter's son?
What turned into a helpless baby
the creator of earth and heaven?

What made Jehovah
sleep in a manger?
What could make the bread of life
pine in hunger pangs?

What made him walk
the mud and mush
of Palestinian dust?

What made Christ thirst
and from a woman beg water?
What made divinity weep
and in a rickety boat sleep?

Why would He sweat blood
at Gethsemane
and drink vinegar on the cross?

Why would creation
whip the creator?

Why would the King of kings
wear a crown of thorns and thistles?

What made God keep mum
and His back turn
from His beloved son?

Why would immortality die
to give mortality life?

What led God
to His death on the cross?

Love -
It was love!


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