ABANDON THE DOTS - Emeka Nobis Set To Launch Book

How would you feel if your hubby married you because you look and talk like the ex-girlfriend he couldn't marry because of genetic incompatibility?

How would you feel if your wife married you because your looks reminded her of her first love that couldn't work?

How would you feel if you got off the stage and someone said, “Great speech! You reminded me of one great speaker. What's his name again? Errrr….”

You get a new job, but within the first few months, you're treated like a dunce, never called upon when decision are to be taken. Do you know why?

Some clients may want to buzz you all day long via calls and emails and get results by the hour, even when you're in the bathroom taking a leak. That can be very frustrating, but what do your clients really want?

Written for you. 89 pages of awesomeness. 48 chapters dripping with gems of wisdom, strategies, and processes.

In these pages you will find answers to your challenges.

You shall find answers to some bugging questions.

You shall learn about yourself, your responsibility on earth, the application of your creativity, and inculcation of the resilience needed for impact.

Tomorrow, ABANDON THE DOTS will be fully available to humanity to be read and applied.

As from tomorrow, the cost for the ebook will be N3000. Pre-orders have been on for a month. Pre-orders end at midnight today.

However, between now and midnight, you can grab a copy for yourself and a friend.

Waste no time further, visit www.paystack.com/pay/atd to pre-order now.

Alternatively, you can make a transfer into GTBank, 0120774989, Profound Impacts International. Thereafter, email your details to consult@emekanobis.com.

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