#Book Review: Francis Annagu – OUR LAND IN THE BEAK OF VULTURES

It dilates on a people’s nation which wallows in uneasiness. That himself, as a nation, isn’t comfortable with the way authoritative realms of power run him …through hallucinatory voices, this ‘he-nation’ cries out, yet the law enforcement and order-keepers, the police are only inebriated with alcohol … even the small fish ferociously riot.
Brian Ushers on Francis Annagu’s poem The Electric Fence, taken from his forthcoming second collection.

OUR LAND IN THE BEAK OF VULTURES by Francis Annagu (60 pages, fully-bound, A5) due April 2017 price £8.00 + postage worldwide
Francis Annagu is an award winning poet and a Political Scientist. He writes in mind-blowing images, received the PIN Special Mention, PIN Most Awarded Poet 2016 and was shortlisted for the Erbacce Poetry Prize in England. He was featured on the Blog Talk Radio, nominated for the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize and a Poets In Nigeria Connect Centre Representative. His works have appeared in over twenty-five poetry publications, including Lunaris Review, London Grip Poetry Magazine, Kalahari Review, Crannog Magazine, Dead Snakes, Galway Review, Expound Magazine, Potomac Journal, Ayiba Magazine and elsewhere; also in poetry anthologies and blogs. His poetry collection is Rain Upon Us (Classic Age Publishing, 2016).
Culled from Hesterglock

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