Dear Julius, Today You Are Half Shade Of Fifty

Dear Julius,
Today you are half shade of fifty.

Soon passion, time and grinding steals your youth. Then grey hair, scars and stretches will try. But until then!

Don't seek fame to be famous. Seek fame for the things you are passionate about. And when your passion starts climbing high, fame will struggle to catch up.

Thread with haste at the things you must do. For time is ephemeral, like sand it slips through our fingers. Santinuel will come. And when it comes, you will be alright.

Love everyone you come across. Open up your mouth, let the words that come out, add colour to their lives. Even if this is difficult, just try!

Never let live theatre slip pass you. Get in, forget your phones and be consumed with the magic that it offers.

A forth night ago. Theater saved your life. How can you fucking forget that?

Set timelines to complete projects and stick to them. Never let santinuel catch you sleeping. Keep it going. Every day, write. Put in hours writing, fine tuning, scheming, consulting and put it out there. For how will they know you are an Artist, Writer, Artrenuer and low bearded Philosopher if they don't see what you do.

Put in hours working on you, your art and training your soul to fly. But what is the flavour of hardwork if you don't find time to catch a nap, to go for a swim, to go watch magic unveil in the cinema, to juice it up with a Caribbean themed dinner, with drinks poured the colour of nothing you have seen before. And when you go, remember to take her along. For what's life without her by your side?

Above all remember her. Remember him. Mama and Papa. Take them out sometimes, listen, and watch the strain stifle skins as they smile. Relish the time you have with them. For upon their skins many scars that you do not know the story. For distance stole the opportunity to see them first hand. How can you claim to understand someone if you do not know the size and traces of scars on their skin? Do you even have an idea of the kind of music their soul longs for?

Next year you will be half shade of fifty dark. Darker. Deep dark. Deep darker. Till you strike fifty.

Happy birthday!

Truly yours!
Your Other Self

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