I am Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu​, I am Addicted To Writing​

We all have some form of addiction. Whether it is good or bad will determine the consequences that goes along with addictions. Putting pen to paper about my experiences seems to come easy compared to the rigors of mathematics, web design and the likes.

ADDICTED TO WRITING is not just a confession but a thought-provoking book written by Emeka Nobis​. I've been privileged to drink from his well of experience and knowledge, and this fueled my resolve to be deliberately addicted to writing.

This book by Emeka Nobis​ is a masterpiece. It was a rare honour to be one of the editors of this awesome piece of uncommon art. 

If you really wish to awake the writing giant in you, you should go grab a copy of Addicted To Writing right away. You're sure to thank me later. 

To get a copy of Addicted To Writing, click PAY NOW

Alternatively, if you hate to go through online payment, there is a plan B. Please pay N1,000 into 
Bank: GTBank
Account Number: 0120774989,
Account Name: Profound Impacts International.

Thereafter, send an email with your details to consult@emekanobis.com. The heading should read ADDICTED TO WRITING.

Do you have an article you’ve written or would like to write? Something else you’d like to share with us on Prose & Poetry Hood? 
 Don’t hesitate to send submissions to poetryhoodcontact@gmail.com or. 
 Thank You!

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