#Poetry: I Remember - By Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

I don't remember 

Walking down this path
Without the feel of your hand
Warming up a part of my heart.

I don't remember
Standing under the sun
Starring longingly into your eyes
Like in it lies my life.

Yes, I do remember
The lies you blew on me
The whispers of your decietful kiss.
Do I love the way you lie?

Yes, I do remember
I was hypnotized
Like a stunned photographer
Stare in awe at the World's 7th Wonder.
I took pictures of care
Lingering beneath flesh, half-bare
Taunting the pride of manhood
Stand alert at the gate of the womb.

I don't remember
The flash of desire
The rush of lust juice
Filling up your deflowered hood.

I don't remember
Meeting you
Thinking you
Living for you
Or leaving you
But I remember loving you
with all I am.


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