Article: Faddish Writing - A Cancer Eating Up Good Writing Skills - Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

We are living in a fast food age where people are looking for short cuts to everything but the truth is that short cuts rob you of the experiences you can gain by going through the true process. There's a trend among young people today, this trend is deadlier than type c meningitis, this trend is what I term 'faddish writing.'

Faddish writing is the abnormal shortening of words thereby making a write up look mediocre and disgusting. Faddish writing is not formal abbreviations. This trend is prevalent on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and have crept into formal writings and proposals.

I believe you have seen people write 'you' as 'u', 
'they' as 'dey', 
'come' as 'cum', 
'thank' as 'tnk', and many more. 

These illegitimate shortening of words messes up the message of the write up. Findings have shown that this form of writing corrodes ones good writing skills. 

Recently, a sales manager of a bank in South-Eastern Nigeria nearly lost her job because of the blunder of writing 'faddishly' in a condolence letter she sent to the family of a deceased customer. Her seniors saw this mess and she was summoned.

Dear writer, if you want to be a name to conjure with, avoid writing 'faddishly'. Serious readers frown at faddish writing, they see such writer as not serious. In fact, you insult the mind of your readers by writing 'faddishly'.


1. Be intentional about your writing.
2. Proof read your writing to detect errors and correct them.

It is better to write slowly than to write fast and finish wrongly. When you are chatting, know it that it is writing that you are doing and write right. 

You can overcome faddish writing, yes you can!

Your writing can position you as a thought leader therefore be mindful of how you write and what you.  

Ariticle by: Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

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