#NewsFlash: RRK School of Influence Presents: Sell Your Book Online

This is for the Kings and Queens of the Craft. This one is about how to sell your books online and become successful independent authors.

A lot of folks have been wondering how to sell their well-written books locally and internationally. Many writers are not sure how to approach the online market. 

Well, I've got news for you.

Award-winning best-selling author and editor, Tesiri Moweta, author of the riveting compilation of short stories: Changes, and a mentor to hundreds of writers worldwide, finally agreed to let-out a few secrets about selling your works online.

Also with her is Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu, a fine gentleman in whom poetry burns like a flame. He's glamourous author of another heartwarming compilation: Diary of a Broken Poet. I've monikered Stefn 'the monk of poetry' and he will be handy to tell you exactly how he's managed to surf the virtual world tangibly.

They both will be giving you a brief background of their journey so far in writing and how exactly they've been able to keep their minds glued to their jobs, just to inspire you to keep your lamps burning.
Don't miss this opportunity.

It's a virtual masterclass on Whatsapp, and it's almost as good as free: N1500 in Nigeria and $5 globally. Nothing like it!

You know Whatsapp already. 
The space is very limited. 
Reserve your seat on time.

Holler RRK for more details on how to pay: 

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