#Sweetness Series (012) - Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

Like a gift,
as your name entails,
I really do not mind a bit
if it takes eternity
to unwrap you.
Unlike an email
one click is not enough.
So I'll click! click! click!
until I hit that spot
where 'durr'
drops to a purr
like a kitten...
God! I'm smitten!
Can I stroke your fur?
Permission to pick a word
off a poem you dropped
'Liquidated honey'
Slow like an hour glass
Your sweetness drops
into my jar of hearts.
I want to eat you all up
Lick you up all nice like you're honey.
Kiss you like I did before I traveled
down this long lonely lane
staggering farther away
from the coffers of your marvel
shivering under an eerie starless sky
It's cold.
I'm no eskimo.
Well, I'm only a dreamer...
It felt like my chest was about to fall out...
Like I was being suspended six feet above ground
by some force I can't describe!
That instant,
the world stopped being spherical
And it stopped revolving too!
It felt fairly flat
My breath paused too!
That's how I knew you've knocked me up again...
Or is it down?
You knocked me out!
You laid a fast one on me,
even though I went for a kiss.
Cold stare!
I froze.
Does my lips smell like toe?
You amaze me all the time.
you're just damn annoying that you intrigue me.
Other times, you're damn fascinating
like an art on display
that catches the eyes
and drags the soul along with it.
But my fesh is being torn apart
as you drag me down this thorny path.
You're beautiful in many ways,
both in and out...
Like a rose,
silky to the touch
with a fragrance to die for;
yet piercing me with thorns,
a passion to bleed for.

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