Poetry: I am human and I'm flawed - by Kolawole Oluwanifemi

I am human and I'm flawed
I've against my will been thawed 
My numbness has been shattered very many a time
I've been meshed by time into tiny holes
Porous to many emotions
Sifting was a task
Battles raging within me but
Oh my arsenal laid spent
At whose mercy I'm held to ransom
I kid not!

I am human and I'm flawed
I take on struggles that are known to man
Put a ten on ground
Eight would surely say 'I can relate'
My struggles they still are
I don't make bare on my face
Excuse me! 
I am not responsible for your opinionated idea about 

I've gone over whatever you think about me 
in my mind a hundred times
You barely know me 
until you know me.
This is no secret I'm spilling here

I am human and I'm flawed
My mind is a factory - virile and active
Churning passions and cravings
That feel too natural to be repressed
I'm bipolar
How far can your imagination take you on that?
Hey! I'm real. 
As real as Pinocchio's nose
"Tell no lie or I'll snitch on you"
Told you, you barely know me until you know me

I'm human and I'm flawed
Like you if you care to admit
My struggles, mean struggles
I'd allowed come between me and my God
The midst of which conscience pranced
Like an enraged pup
Times I'd ignore, times I'd succumb
Taking long walks to nowhere
Under cold star-starved sky
Like banished Cain

I'm human and I'm flawed
My mind is mine to own
From thence I become me
From thence I speak to myself
My thoughts get heady
Staggering farther from sanity
Crazily to the boundaries, freaking me out!
I spare strangers no details
Never gotten a luck with that
However, the ones I've built trust with my heart I 

make bare

But here's the difference
A balance I constantly yearn for 
I've been carved in precious rough gratings
Been bought with a price
Donned with a garment I thought not worthy of
Graces offered on a platter I claimed
Thoughts taken captive
I feel no more guilt
I am human and I'm flawed
But I've been redeemed.

These are my scattered thoughts
Unedited as it is
Fit in the puzzled-edges
Of passing memories
(My flawed humanity
redeemed by grace infinite.)

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